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C# , developed at Microsoft by a team lead by Anders Hejlsberg and Scoot Wiltamuth, was designed specifically for the .NET platform as a langauge that would enable programmers to mirgrate easily to .NET.
It has roots in C, C++ and Java, adapting the best features of each and adding new features of its own. C# is object oriented and contains a powerful  class library of prebuilt components , enabling programmers to develop application quickly . C# is appropriate for demanding application development tasks, especially for building today’s popular Web-based applications.

The  .NET platform is one over which Web-based applications can be distributed to a greate variety of devices and to desktop computers.  The .NET platform enables language interoperability: Software components from different languages can interact as never before. Developers can package even old software to work with new C# programs. Also, C# applications can interact via the XML-based Simple Obect Access Protocol (SOAP)

Visual C# 2005 How To program, Deitel.

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