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The .NET Framework …

The Microsoft .NET Framework is at the heart of the .NET startegy. This framework manages and execute applications and Web services, contains a class libaray( called the .NET Framework Class Library, or FCL ) , enforces security and provides many other programming capabilites.

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is another central part of the .NET Framework –it executes .NET programs. Programs are compiled into machine-specific instructions in two steps. First, the program is compiled in to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) , wich defines instructions for the CLR. Code converted into MSIL from other languages and sources can be woven together by the CLR. The MSIL for an application’s components is placed into the application’s executable file ( known as an assembly ). When the application executes, another compiler ( known as the just-in-time compiler or JIT compiler )  in the CLR translates the MSIL in the executable file into machine-language code, then the machine-laguage code executes on the platform.

Note. MSIL is Microsoft’s name for what the C# language specification refers to as Common Intermediate Language (CIL)

Visual C# 2005 How To Program , Deitel

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